Activity Groups

: As a member of MOMS Club®, you are given the opportunity to join a playgroup with children around the same age as yours, and siblings are welcome to attend. We have groups according to children’s birth year, as well as an All Ages Playgroup. It’s a wonderful way to make friends with other moms who are going through similar milestones with their children. Playgroups meet weekly and tend to meet at member’s homes or parks. During the summer, we just have an All Ages Playgroup since families are so busy that not everyone can attend activities…

JUMP (Just us Moms Play): This group is for moms with school aged children.  Moms meet for coffee or brunch/lunch or at a member’s home while children are at school.

mno-at-kachina-2015 Secret Sisters: This is a fun way to feel special every month, and make someone else feel loved too! We spend about $5 – $10 each month, but homemade items are welcome and often the most wonderful ones!At the end of six months, we have a “Reveal Party” to meet our Secret Sister.  Current members should email our Secret Sisters coordinator to find out more.