Chapter Activities

Typical Calendar Activities include the following:

Park Days: A few days a month, we meet at a local park for a morning or afternoon of fun in the sun. During colder weather, we meet at indoor play areas that are free or inexpensive.

Field Trips: Several field trips are planned each year. These activities include the Denver Zoo, Tiny Town, a Tour of Hammond Candy, Children’s Museums, Berry Patch Farm, and the Denver Nature and Science Museum…

Recipe Swap – We meet once a month for recipe swapping. The host chooses the food theme. Past themes have included Chocolate, Salads, Muffins, Cookies, and Crockpot recipes…

Bootcamp Beauties – Get a great workout with other moms while your little ones play in the park together.

Java Mamas: Meet with other moms for coffee, treats, and conversation at a coffee shop! Bring the kiddos so they can play!

Moms Night Out (MNO): Is our only event that takes place at night and gives our moms the opportunity to get out with the girls and leave the kids at home. Previous MNO have included Movie Night, Painting Party, Happy Hour, Dinner, and Bowling…

Just Us Moms Play (JUMP): This activity is for those moms whose kids are now in school, so they can take a couple hours to enjoy adult conversation!

Sample Calendar


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4PM FREE Day -Children’s Museum 10AM Members Meeting/Donuts 5 6 7
8 9 10AM Jump City 10 7PM Board Meeting 11 3PM Butterfly Pavilion 12 13 10AM JUMP/Zoe’s Coffee Shop


15 16 10AM Children’s Museum 1710AM Recipe Swap 18 10AM WOW Museum 19 7PM MNO 20 21
22 23 9:30AM Bootcamp Beauties 24 25 3PM Hampshire Park 26 27 10AM Java Mamas 28
29 30 31 10AM Jumpin Jordys